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alfred kaufman

Clinical psychologist, social psychologist and coach. Team development consultant. Certified facilitator of the Lego Serious Play technique. International coach certified by Tisoc. International speaker. Blog writer on Strategies for the development of social skills.

Advisor in building work teams, developer of dynamics and mental exercises to promote awareness and self-knowledge through the use of principles of clinical psychology, social psychology, emotional intelligence, Neurolinguistic programming.

Jessica Millett

I am a psychoanalyst and group facilitator. Member of Signo Consultores en Psicología since 2006. Throughout my work experience I have developed as a facilitator of operational groups and in the design of methodologies for teamwork.

University Professor and Lecturer since 1996.

Psychoanalytic Clinics.


Master in Clinical Psychoanalysis from the Center for Research and Psychoanalytic Studies of Mexico, DF (1995).  Active doctoral student in Society and Culture at the University of Costa Rica. University teacher. Degree in psychology.

Etty Kaufman

Social psychologist-psychoanalyst. Master in Criminology with an emphasis on Human Security from the UCI and a master's degree in Criminal Legal Sociology from the University of Barcelona. Clinical psychologist and facilitator of group processes in public and private companies.

Creator of group work methodologies in the educational area, violence prevention, social innovation through the creation and facilitation of courses, workshops, conferences and work with teachers and families.

David Miremberg


Executive, organizational and group coach, facilitator of workshops and teamwork sessions for companies and organizations, advisor to family businesses and member of the Board of Directors


Founder of Grupo Signo, Authorized Facilitator of Directive Coach by “The International School of Coaching (Tisoc) & Coachville Spain”. Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the Central American University of Social Sciences and a Ph.D. in Foundations and Psychoanalytic Developments from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a Law Degree from the University of Costa Rica.

Our clients


  • INS (Trauma Hospital)

  • Florida Drinks

  • BAC Credomatic Central America


  • Roche

  • Ministry of Education

  • Walmart

  • National Bank of Costa Rica

  • International Union for Conservation (IUCN)

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