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alfred kaufman

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Clinical psychologist, social psychologist and coach. Team development consultant. Certified facilitator of the Lego Serious Play technique. International coach certified by Tisoc. International speaker. Blog writer on Strategies for the development of social skills.

Advisor in building work teams, developer of dynamics and mental exercises to promote awareness and self-knowledge through the use of principles of clinical psychology, social psychology, emotional intelligence, Neurolinguistic programming.

Virtual Workshop:

Our clients


  • INS (Trauma Hospital)

  • Florida Drinks

  • BAC Credomatic Central America


  • Roche

  • Ministry of Education

  • Walmart

  • National Bank of Costa Rica

  • International Union for Conservation (IUCN)


virtual methodology

Training framework

Participants learn:

  1.  What are the guiding principles for managing work teams 

  2. Practice techniques and dynamics to strengthen the affective and executive dimension of work teams

  3. What are the three universal principles that amalgamate the functioning of work teams? 

  4. How to determine equipment weaknesses and how to troubleshoot? The didactic material is delivered to diagnose the weaknesses of the work teams

  5. Practical techniques for coaching work teams.  How to start? Which tools to use according to the needs of the team? How to close the session? How to motivate work teams?

The didactic practices of this workshop are composed of:

  1. Exposition of the general principles of teamwork (5 minute capsules)

  2. Specialized Success Story Videos  (5 minutes)

  3. Practical exercises to facilitate effective meetings with work teams

  4. Surveys and questionnaires in real time

  5. Dialogue and group discussion  (The best way to learn is by participating)

Duration of the virtual workshop: 4 hours

Maximum number of participants: 30 people

Minimum number of participants: 2 0 people

Workshop cost per person: US$35

Special price for groups and companies

Delivery of teaching material with the best teamwork practices

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