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emotional intelligence workshop Level 1.

development of social skills

The path to well-being begins with one. Emotional intelligence begins with self-knowledge; It connects us with our life intentions and helps us regulate the buttons that trigger our reactive mode. Self-control is the first step towards personal growth. The next step is to build interpersonal relationships that add value to our environment and bring us closer to our life goals. That is the meaning of emotional intelligence.

Customer service workshop with emotional intelligence

development of social skills

Training methodology

Learning through experimentation.



  • master exhibition

  • specialized videos

  • discussion teams

  • Didactic dynamics and challenges

  • lego serious play techniques

Customer service is made up of two parts: 1. The customer service protocol, which is a manual that indicates how a customer should be served in our company. 2. Habits of emotional intelligence that allow a lasting relationship of trust to be built with customers. In the very act of selling, the service protocol and emotional intelligence habits complement each other to achieve uncommon customer service.

Group Coaching: Techniques for managing work teams

development of social skills

Work teams are structured from the emotional-affective dimension and from the professional-objective dimension. The two dimensions have to work together and articulated so that the power of the team reaches its objectives. This training explains the functioning of the groups and provides dynamics to apply immediately in any work team to improve its performance.

executive coaching course

development of social skills

Coaching is an instrument to lead, guide and empower people and work teams. The coaching mechanism is the result of the union of disciplines such as Strategic Thinking, Neurolinguistic Programming and Humanism. Its practical method allows people who work with people to immediately implement it in their professional and personal practice.

emotional strategy

development of social skills

The emotional strategy allows us to manage and direct our energy towards the achievement of objectives. Sometimes without realizing it, our energy is uselessly drained because we don't know how to manage our emotions. Time goes by and our ability to focus is lost. The emotional strategy is the correct management of our emotional economy.

Conscious Communication Techniques

Being conscientious in communications implies choosing the words well to say things, choosing the right moment and the right emotional charge; In this way our ideas, messages and intentions will arrive with greater precision and understanding. This saves time and energy on misunderstandings and short circuits. Good communication is conscious.  

development of social skills
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